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It all started when I saw an employment ad in the newspaper. It stated "Customer Service" and offered $520/week salary. It asked that you call into this number, leave your name and contact information, and they will contact you back with an interview time.

Being desperate for work at the time, I called in. I had an interview set up right away. I went in and at first the entire building looked sketchy. It was basically empty - no furniture, receptionist. Just a bunch of being carrying large boxes around.

I was then greeted by the person conducting the interviews. His name was Clint. He asked me a few questions, & told me a bit about the job. He said nobody would work past 7:30pm. He told me that we were not "door-to-door vacuum salesmen." Shortly after I accepted the job offer.

The training was in a dirty room. He told us about all these luxurious vacations and prizes. How you could make up to a grand a week, etc.

My first day starting I arrived about 8:30am. We packed into a dirty van about 10am and started driving. I asked where we're going, and nobody had an answer to give me. We stopped once at a gas station where I didn't use the restroom & only purchased a package of peanuts and some water. Had I known this would be my last chance for food and a bathroom break, I would've taken advantage of it.

They told me I would have preset appointments to customers houses. Little did I know, this meant someone would hop out of the car, knock on some strangers house, invite themselves inside, and then come back to get me to present the product to the customer.

I pictured visiting houses of wealthy customers, who could probably actually afford these $2000 vacuums. Nope. We entered filthy houses of sketchy people. The appointment setters knocked on doors well into the night, until at least 10:30pm. Being that we were 2 1/2 hours away from home, I was terrified I'd never see my family again.

After stating that I'd have to use the restroom real soon, the driver refused to allow me until at least 2 hours had pass. I hadn't eaten a single thing the entire day, and had a headache from the other 6 smokers in the car.

When we finally headed home, I noticed that the driver and passenger were smoking *** in the front seat. My phone was dying, but made it a point to tell my husband that if I didn't make it, this was why. I finally made it home around 1:30am that morning, with their expectations of seeing me again about 8:30am. Needless to say I never showed back up. I was never paid for that day.

This company is running illegally and unethically. They take advantage of people hoping to get a call back for a job in hours. I should've just not even bothered, because the REAL job I was waiting for hired me a week after this hellish day. If you see ANY ad in the newspaper telling you 1.) NOW HIRING 2.) $520/wk or 3.) Customer Service positions available... it is probably this company, and probably a scam. Look out, too, because they use different phone numbers to trick you!

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I worked there to.course I was in Davenport they really do suck.

I would pull 16 to 18 hours a day for three months straight. I hated it I only had one day off a week and it was on a sunday. So yes everything i am reading is true. And yes they do *** and drink.

at night more then anything and they all do it behind the head managers back that i know of. Course everyone I worked with out of the davenport office they all mostly do *** and drink at night when no one can see. Course they only paied you commission which sucks. There was weeks I didnt even sell and they said in the beginging that they would pay you no matter what.

Well guess what I went weeks apon weeks with no CHECK because I either couldnt get into a house or couldnt sell any.

So yes please stay away from them they are no good...No wounder why they cant keep under one company name.They have to keep switching them around.


I went into orientation and Clint (douche) giving us the presentation said he just bought a $9,000 fish for his new aquarium.He then told us how he beat up his professors at Texas (as if he actually graduated high school).

He had us "practice" taking apart and putting together a vacuum and a cardboard box we'd be carrying these things in...I said I had to use the restroom and walked straight to my car.What a joke...


well, olivia needless to say, i too worked there. hated every minute of it applied for part time consdering i had a new born baby at home. traveled hours away, knocked untill 10:30, i wasnt paid for sh*t, and got fired for being pissed when asking a copy of the papers i signed for 3 months, and upset about being left in the cold for hours wthout a coat...


yes i have currently gotten an position there yesterday and my orientation is tomorrow and i am going i want to see what its all about


i applies and worked for this company.it is a BIG SCAM.

you get told you are not selling and you can make $520 a week.



Im in orientation and Im going to try it, people have told me its messed up. But I guess Ill find out.


I seriously enjoyed working there. I wasn't paid a living wage is my complaint and i would work from like 10pm to at the earliest 10pm.


Same exact thing happened to me and my best friend!!! They are the worst company to ever work for!!! And to top it off they won't pay either one of us!!!!!!d


I worked here for 3 years and love everything about the company.I pays well, and has a great staff.

Sorry you didnt enjoy your time, but you're blowing things way out of proportion.

Ive been on those "vacations", 6 exactly, and dont work the hours you listed.Im sure you say the same things about your other former employeers too.

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